Have You Been in a Car Accidents? Here is How to Choose a Lawyer

Car accidents are common, and they tend to lead to injuries. Although some people are lucky enough to get minor injuries, some get seriously injured. Some road accidents may be caused by human negligence, while others may be unavoidable. Getting injured can change your life, and this can be frustrating.

There is good news if you have been in an accident. The law allows you to file a case for compensation after being injured in an accident. You need to find a reputable car accident lawyer in Gold Coast to ensure you get justice. Below are some of the ways you can select the right accident lawyer.

Asking Around

lawyerIt can be a challenge to get the right accident lawyer in your area. You must make the right choice to ensure you get what you deserve. It can be sad when you are involved in an accident and still lose a case in court. Since road accidents are common these days, there is no surprise if some of the people you know have hired an accident lawyer before.

You should highly consider asking for a recommendation from others. Since you will get recommendations from people who have experienced working with an accident lawyer before, you can be sure of getting an ideal lawyer.

Ensure that you ask others for recommendations for reliable lawyers. Apart from asking for recommendations, you can also read online comments and reviews. Some have found reading adverts from new papers and magazines regarding lawyers helpful.

Going Online

using monitorYou must do some research before selecting an accident lawyer. There is no great place to research than online. It seems most information these days are found through the internet. Since many people are using the internet daily, most law firms and lawyers strive to have an online presence. This is done through having social media accounts and websites.

You should go through the many lawyers’ websites and select a lawyer that seems suitable based on your situation and your requirements. Most lawyers with an online presence usually give all the information you require. Important information you should consider when doing your research is the experience of a lawyer and the qualifications.

More factors will be experimental in helping you choose the right accident lawyer. You should consider talking to an expert on the subject to learn more effective ways to select a suitable accident lawyer. A lawyer will be essential in representing you in court and ensuring you win the case you file and at least get reasonable compensation.…

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Things You Need to Do Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Accident victims don’t understand that most effective personal injury lawyers in your area have the very best charge fees, exactly like inexperienced attorneys. The only difference is that the latter do not have any history of success in the court.

Every community has lots of private attorneys who’d love to take advantage of your situation and settle it fast with a low settlement amount for you. To avoid this, make sure that you hire a credible injury lawyer from Schofield King Lawyers.

Check Their Past Cases

expert advocate jura

You want to ask the ideal questions to discover whether the lawyer has an established history of success whenever you decide to meet up with a lawyer to go over your situation.

The report’s objective is to provide insights to you that harm victims, not bother to find out. It can make the difference between winning your situation or going home without less than your case is worth if you adhere to the advice within this report.

Consider Their Specialty

Some attorneys are”general practitioners” who manage several distinct kinds of legal situations, including the occasional personal injury situation. You’ll want a lawyer who handles individual injury cases, in case you’ve got a personal injury claim. The practice of law has gotten so complicated that it’s impossible to get a general practice attorney to keep on top of the advancements in malpractice law and personal injury. 

The majority of insurance companies of the attorneys hired by insurance companies to protect personal injury cases are specialists who restrict their practice. A practitioner is very likely to be at a disadvantage if she or he moves up against a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases’ protection.

Check Their Experience

justoce letter court

For the most part, attorneys who handle personal injury or medical malpractice cases bill injury victims with the same fee no matter how long they’ve been practicing. When a lawyer with just three years of experience charges you the same fee as one with 25 years of experience, you should always choose the latter. Your lawyer’s expertise can make a difference in the results of your case.

There are both state and federal associations that sponsor education programs and books. They run lobbying activities for consumers’ rights. Why do you want to have that attorney to represent you, although you can find a lawyer who does not belong to one of these classes?

For several decades, the medical profession has used a method of analyzing and peer test called”board certification.” Board certification is intended to recognize. In the last few decades, the system has started emulating the procedure. The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is a nationwide organization that has a procedure for civil trial attorneys to attain board certification. The National Board of Trial Advocacy is a part of a lawyer certificate organization. An applicant must pass an examination that is earnest prior to receiving board-certification as a trial lawyer in the NBTA.


How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney

When you are injured whether in the public or in the workplace, you need to ensure that you are well compensated. Unfortunately, getting the compensation that you deserve can be a daunting task because we live in a man eats man society. The fact that you are injured and therefore need some sympathy is not enough to give to make the people associated with you sympathize with you.

This is why it is important that anytime you are faced with an accident, you should get the help of personal injury lawyer. Trying to handle the situation on your own will simply make the situation more difficult. But what does it take to find that reliable personal injury lawyer? Well, if that is the answer that you are trying to find, then this article is meant for you. Always consider the following factors when looking to hire a good personal Injury lawyer. You can also check out – Trusted New Orleans construction accident attorney   for more information.


The first thing is to ensure that you are dealing with a professional. Professionalism, in this case, means that they are well qualified to handle the matter at hand diligently. One way of knowing whether or not you are dealing with a law professional is to ask them to show you their certifications. You need to ensure that the attorney that you want to hire specialized in personal injury.


After a tragic accident, chances are that you are exhausted and all that you need is to rest. Getting an attorney who is readily available will make it easy for you to relax. The problem with some attorneys is that they want to handle several cases at once. That is impossible and if your attorney is of that kind, then you need to avoid them as much as you can. Hiring such an attorney means going for shoddy services that might result in you not being compensated as you would have loved it to be.

Good Track Record

Perhaps this is the most critical factor that you should always consider when looking when it comes to finding the best personal injury attorney. Read the online reviews to gauge the reputation of the attorney. If the personal attorney that you want to hire has a good reputation, then it means that the attorney is recognized for doing a good job. Sometimes, you can use the past to predict the future. If there are no proven successful track records associated with the attorney, you should not expect much from them.…


What Oklahoma’s New Laws on Marijuana Mean

Oklahoma recently made headlines when it legalized marijuana use. Over the last two decades, over 30 states have made the transition from absolute ban to medical or recreational use. The federal government’s policy remains resolute on how to approach the marijuana challenge. Oversight has been left to individual states. A lot remains vague on how one can acquire medical marijuana. This article gives more insights into the marijuana possession laws. Partners like Law Offices of Adam Banner PC can expound a lot more.


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Federally Marijuana is Illegal

Let it remain clear the marijuana still meets the category of an illegal substance under federal law. There has been a lot of effort to frustrate sellers who have state authorization to go about their trade. Federally, possession and distribution of marijuana remain a big challenge. If you do not treat cautiously, it could land you in prison. In that regard, possession of weed under federal law can adversely affect you. Possessing a marijuana card will exclude you from owning firearms and ammunition. Both the Oklahoma and federal law prevent users from owning firearms. Having been regarded as a schedule 1 drug, it’s an immediate gun ownership disqualification. Buying firearms from dealers will require filling a form 4473. In this firm, you are asked whether you rank as an addicted or unlawful user of depressants, stimulant, controlled substance or narcotic substance. There remains debate as to whether one can possess marijuana and still own a firearm. It’s better not to be caught up in the wordplay as the chances it will be classified as a federal crime as high.


Marijuana Possession does not Lead to an Arrest

As long as you possess less than the legally prescribed weed ownership limit you need not worry about being arrested. Among the two classes of marijuana possession are; the yearlong jail sentence that is accompanied by a 1000 dollar fine or the 400,000 dollar ticket if you can prove you need the substance for medical reasons. The complication arises when proving your medical condition, particularly the burden of proof standard. We can expect the issue to play out in the courts and juries to go about their part.


Owning Marijuana Paraphernalia

Marijuana possession can land you a ticket. However, the penalty is a little stronger when it comes to related paraphernalia. There are cases where people are charged for possession of the weed paraphernalia.


Employers are Unable to Fire You for Holding a Marijuana License

Marijuana users expose themselves to various vulnerabilities, especially those employed. Any sign of impairment when at work can get you fired. Alternatively, you have no right to show up to work high on weed. Given it remains illegal under federal law, employers do not want to follow ADA rules when considering the recommendations. It is expected that the state legislatures will amend this section of the statute so that employers can benefit from certain flexibilities.



Charges on DUI Especially if Judges to be Under Marijuana Influence

In the state of Oklahoma, the prosecutors can charge you if they believed you were impaired by marijuana. The charge will fall under the DUI clause. If weed metabolites are detected in your system, you will be deemed as guilty.…

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How to Find Trusted Disability Lawyers in Louisiana

You can never know what the future holds for you. It can be unfortunate that you have become disabled either through an accident or any other form thus requiring you to seek the help of a disability lawyer to apply for your social security disability, or you may want to appeal your disability denial. In such cases, bearing in mind all that may be going around you in that particular moment it may feel like a tall order for you to find a disability lawyer that you can trust. Since you may be doing this for the very first time, we highlight below we highlight how to find trusted disability lawyers in Louisiana.


Here are some of the ways:

Asking Your Lawyer

It is very rare to get an individual who has not had any contact with any lawyer. But if you have been lucky to have contact with any lawyer maybe who has helped you in handling any other legal matters, then you are at an advantaged position as you can ask them to give you reference to another lawyer how has to experience in handling matters to do with social security disability law. This is the one way that many people recommend finding a disability lawyer for the concerned lawyer will always want to refer you to the best lawyer.


Inquire from Friends and Family

Another way that you can locate a trusted disability lawyer is by asking those people who are close to you. Never make assumptions because chances may be that they could have had contact with disability lawyers without you knowing. If you get a lawyer from a family referral, then the chances are that they will be trusted ones as a friend or family member will not want to recommend a lawyer who is not good at what he/she does to you. Additionally, when you get such a lawyer, it is easy to relate to them and feel at ease with them as you have prior information about them.


injury Consult Fellow Victims

You can also get trusted disability lawyers in Louisiana to seek information from those who have already gone through the disability process. In most cases when one is disabled, they do undergo rehabilitation where one can meet individuals who are undergoing the same fate. You can find such people in rehabilitation centers, hospitals or other institutions that serve them. When you encounter such people take the initiative and ask them who helped them through the process. They will be able to refer you to a good person.


Contact Your Local Bar Association

In every county or state where Louisiana is not exceptional, there is a Bar association. This is an organization that puts together those individuals who are in the legal profession. The association not only serves the legal practitioners but also gives support to those individuals who require lawyers. All you need to do is contact your local bar association or provide them with a visit, and they will be able to recommend to you the best disability lawyer that you can work with.

You can also locate a disability lawyer by searching the internet, but before you fully engage them to be sure to have made all the necessary background checks.…

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Reasons to Hire Traffic Ticket Lawyer to Defend You

Probably you are scared after being given a traffic ticket. Depending on the offense you committed, your license is likely to be revoked or suspended. In extreme cases, you can even be jailed. Unfortunately, the courtroom is not a place to play games or jokes. You have all reasons to be cautious. The following are some reasons to do so:

Peace of Mind

speeding a carIn most cases, you will be given a few days before appearing in court for the mentioning of your case. At that time, you will not have peace of mind as you are contemplating what is likely to happen. Will you be fined? Will you go to jail? Is the license going to be revoked or suspended? All these things can affect your health negatively.

You can take care of this by hiring a professional attorney. He or she knows the likely outcome and the punishment you may face. You are likely to get a lesser punishment when you hire an attorney.

Increase Chance of Winning the Case

This is another important reason you should consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney. When you get to the court with legal representation, that judge may think you are innocent. In fact, the lawyer understands the language of the court.

Getting an Appeal

If you lose the case, it is a good idea to appeal and be represented by the lawyer. Having an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can be the difference needed to win a case. For instance, he or she can stop you from saying things that can adversely affect your case. Moreover, he or she can persuade the judge to consider a lesser fine.

Low Cost

speedingYou will be surprised to discover that the cost of hiring a professional traffic ticket lawyer is lesser as compared to the fines you are likely to incur. Remember that lawyer’s fees are not published in the public domain like the penalties and fines do. This means that you can have a clean record.


A traffic ticket attorney can handle litigation and arbitration effectively. Whenever you want to argue the charges, it is a good idea to choose an experienced lawyer.

The above are some of the top reasons to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. You need a lawyer who understands the legal system to ensure you get a favorable judgment.…


Legal Steps for Acquiring an EB-5 Visa in the USA

Employment-based fifth preference visas, EB-5, are immigrant visas issued by the United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) to foreigners who want to invest in designated places called the regional centers. Successful completion of the whole process earns the investor a green card for a permanent stay in the United States with their family.

As an investor, you need enough funds and the completion of the legal processes required before getting a green card to allow you to live and work permanently in the US.

Decide on the project

VisaFinding the appropriate project is the first step. This may be a new commercial project by an investor or a regional center project. If you intend to invest as an individual, you can identify new business ideas of your own which you wish to invest in.

Otherwise, you may decide to choose regional center programs. These are projects which the government has identified as potential job creators in some geographical regions. You can invest in such and be part of the project.

Make the capital investment

Your second step is to make a capital investment in the business of your choice, that is, $500,000 for regional businesses and $1Million for Individual investments. This is put in an Escrow account after which your immigration lawyer files the I–526 petition with the government.

This should be accompanied by the evidence that your investment will create ten full-time jobs, shown by your business plan, and that your funds are from a known legitimate source. Within 4 to 6 months, the government will inform you whether your petition is accepted or not.

Get a conditional green card

The government will issue you with a two-year conditional green card. In the two year term, you are required meet the required conditions and hire the ten employees. But this conditional visa can only be issued if the I-526 is approved and required forms have been filed depending on whether you are in the US or not.

The I- 829 petition

US VisaThis petition marks the end of the EB5 process so that you can be given permanent residency in the US. Your lawyer issues the I- 829 petition to the USCIS ninety days towards the end of the two years.

This shows that you have met the conditions and the petition is for the removal of the two-year conditional green card and the issuance of a permanent green card. With this green card, the investor and their unmarried children who are under 21years can move in and stay in the US.


Anyone who wishes to go through the EB5 has to have prior investment plans, have the required funds and the patient to follow through the process till the end. But it is rewarding, as you can do business and be a permanent resident of the country.…


Tips For Choosing a Good Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can be a tedious task especially if you do not have a good lawyer to guide you through the entire process. So, if you are planning for an immigration process, it is good to make sure that you have everything right. Find a good lawyer who will ensure that you come out of the entire process successfully. The following tips will help you to find a good lawyer that you can trust for the whole of the process.


ResearchInformation is power and if you have it, then making the right choice will never be a big problem for you. The good thing is that the technology has made easy for us to find the whatever information that you are looking for. Identify some of the immigration lawyers that you can possibly hire and start finding all the information that you can about them. Get to know the number of cases that they handled in the past and what was the outcome. Go for the immigration attorney who has handled several cases in the past and one most of them.


When looking for an immigration attorney, it is good to consider the work that they have. Remember that your lawyer is supposed to guide you through the entire process. This, therefore, means that you need to have a good percentage of their time. However, this cannot be the case if the lawyer has a lot of work to do. It is very hard for a lawyer to tell you that they are busy because they want your money badly. It is your responsibility to find out on your own.

The Language

You need to hire a lawyer who can speak your language fluently. Communication is very critical when it comes to legal matters. If you realize that you cannot communicate with your lawyer fluently, that is a sign that they are just not the right person for you and the best thing is to keep searching for a good lawyer.

Consider the Price

priceThe price will always vary from one firm to another. There are those that will tend to charge more expensive than others. One thing to note here is that the price is not fixed. You can always bargain and get the best costs. The common notion that many people have about getting what you pay for is not always applicable when it comes to matters to do with immigration attorneys.…


What You Should Do When You are Falsely Accused of a Crime

No matter how perfect the law intends to be, it still has flaws. Our society is forever developing and changing, and the law might have become outdated. Policy makers and politicians are barely keeping up with the urgent issues because of power and politics are more attractive to them.

And that flaw can allow injustice to happen. One of the cases is when a person gets wrongly accused of doing a crime with which they have not got involved. And the bad news is nobody is immune from false accusation.

An incompetent eyewitness might give false testimony. Or, when the legal matter deals with a person in power, the witness can easily be staged. As a result, an innocent person can go to jail. And that person can be you.

Here, we will discuss the safest steps you must do, if you get legal trouble. If you do not lose your calm and are still able to think clearly, you can negate the false accusation easily.

Hiring a lawyer

LawyerThrow away the thought that hiring attorney right away makes you look guilty. In fact, this is the first thing you need to do. The state might over you a lawyer if you cannot afford one, but the one you hire by yourself is always the best at protecting you from injustice.

A lawyer will guide you on how to handle the accusation. It is very important since the very beginning of the case because any statement you make can affect the outcome.

Holding your horses

Wrong AccusationNever assume that you know what to do, especially if you are a civilian who has never dealt with the real court system before. What you read and hear from the news will be very much different from the reality.

Even if are a hundred percent sure not guilty, do not say anything before you meet with a lawyer. Defending yourself in the moment of accusation by explaining what happened to the investigator may be tempting, and they might also intimidate you, but you must strongly resist those twos.

Do not cover anything up to your lawyer

CourtOnce you get to your lawyer, tell everything without a cover-up. What the police will do is to gather evidence against you, and what your lawyer does is the same but to defend you.

If you do not tell the truth, the data from the police department and your lawyer will not match up. At worst, you lawyer will use a false premise to decide a legal action, which can be an advantage to your accuser.

Identifying the witnesses

After you get your story be delivered to your lawyer, you must start thinking of anyone who can support your story. Try to remember slowly the people you know that can give a witness. And if you cannot, usually, your lawyer will suggest you to hire a professional investigator.

The point is, do not hold back any information about people who might give you their witness.

Remembering hard evidence


Only very few of us do not use gadgets these days. And with them, our activities are automatically recorded. And this kind of thing can be your hard evidence to your whereabouts.

Also, chat or email history must not be neglected. If you are suspected of an investment fraud, for example, your email and chat can be the best place to look for a sign of consenting from your accuser on the investment risk, which later can help your lawyer to win your case.

In short, you must trace back to the past and think of what might be used as hard evidence to support your case.…

Legal Aid

5 Easy Steps to Find The Best Attorney

If you are involved in a law case, the first thing that you need to do is to hire a lawyer. Finding a good attorney can be challenging and exhausting work, but if done correctly you can get the best assistance in your law case. With him, you will likely win your case. So how do you get one?

Determine your case

Lady justiceAs doctors, lawyers also have specialties. Some are expert in family law, another in criminal law, and some others are disability specialist. Identifying your case will help you in choosing the right type of attorney. Do not hire a lawyer that specializes in family law if what you are dealing with is a robbery accusation.

Search Online

The next step is to Google, your future attorney. Some sites are specifically created as lawyer referral sites. A lawyer or a firm that has established a website is easier and safer to deal with. You can even read the study case of their clients and judge the lawyer’s capacity.

However, working with a local attorney that has handled many domestic cases might give you more advantages than hiring the one from different regions. Every region has their own judges, whose methods are familiar only to the local law firms.

Ask for a recommendation from friends

ConsulIf you have a relative with a similar legal dispute as yours, you can ask about the lawyer that they hired and their opinion about his/her work. The more people you ask, the more recommendation you will get to reconsider. Write the names on a list and take the next step.

Meet the attorney face to face

You can contact the attorneys that you have listed and discuss the case you are having. Most attorney gives consultation for free, but some may charge a small amount of fee. You have to make sure about this with them before the meeting to avoid any misunderstanding. After you consult to them face to face, you will get the picture of which one might be competent enough to handle your case.

Make the comparison

Money & LawAfter your face to face meetings, you will likely to have your list narrowed down. Among the remaining names on your list, note the pricing and success rate.

Consider whether the lawyer uses an hourly or flat rate pricing. Also, you need to assess his/her track records and compare it with the others’.

You need to realize that no lawyer can guarantee one-hundred percent you will win your case. Even if they say so, do not immediately believe them.

By looking at the lawyer’s track records, you can estimate his/her success percentage in your case. It is in your hand, and not your lawyer’s.…