What Oklahoma’s New Laws on Marijuana Mean

Oklahoma recently made headlines when it legalized marijuana use. Over the last two decades, over 30 states have made the transition from absolute ban to medical or recreational use. The federal government’s policy remains resolute on how to approach the marijuana challenge. Oversight has been left to individual states. A lot remains vague on how one can acquire medical marijuana. This article gives more insights into the marijuana possession laws. Partners like Law Offices of Adam Banner PC can expound a lot more.


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Federally Marijuana is Illegal

Let it remain clear the marijuana still meets the category of an illegal substance under federal law. There has been a lot of effort to frustrate sellers who have state authorization to go about their trade. Federally, possession and distribution of marijuana remain a big challenge. If you do not treat cautiously, it could land you in prison. In that regard, possession of weed under federal law can adversely affect you. Possessing a marijuana card will exclude you from owning firearms and ammunition. Both the Oklahoma and federal law prevent users from owning firearms. Having been regarded as a schedule 1 drug, it’s an immediate gun ownership disqualification. Buying firearms from dealers will require filling a form 4473. In this firm, you are asked whether you rank as an addicted or unlawful user of depressants, stimulant, controlled substance or narcotic substance. There remains debate as to whether one can possess marijuana and still own a firearm. It’s better not to be caught up in the wordplay as the chances it will be classified as a federal crime as high.


Marijuana Possession does not Lead to an Arrest

As long as you possess less than the legally prescribed weed ownership limit you need not worry about being arrested. Among the two classes of marijuana possession are; the yearlong jail sentence that is accompanied by a 1000 dollar fine or the 400,000 dollar ticket if you can prove you need the substance for medical reasons. The complication arises when proving your medical condition, particularly the burden of proof standard. We can expect the issue to play out in the courts and juries to go about their part.


Owning Marijuana Paraphernalia

Marijuana possession can land you a ticket. However, the penalty is a little stronger when it comes to related paraphernalia. There are cases where people are charged for possession of the weed paraphernalia.


Employers are Unable to Fire You for Holding a Marijuana License

Marijuana users expose themselves to various vulnerabilities, especially those employed. Any sign of impairment when at work can get you fired. Alternatively, you have no right to show up to work high on weed. Given it remains illegal under federal law, employers do not want to follow ADA rules when considering the recommendations. It is expected that the state legislatures will amend this section of the statute so that employers can benefit from certain flexibilities.



Charges on DUI Especially if Judges to be Under Marijuana Influence

In the state of Oklahoma, the prosecutors can charge you if they believed you were impaired by marijuana. The charge will fall under the DUI clause. If weed metabolites are detected in your system, you will be deemed as guilty.…